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CNC precision machining:

GEEKEE CNC Precision Casting Machining Center mainly produces precision hardware, non-standard automatic lathe parts, CNC lathe parts, and processes precision parts of various diameters and materials (copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum). It provides processing services for automobiles, instruments, electronics, tools, communications, hydraulics, engineering, electromagnets, medical and other industries.

Our Strengths

It has 3 production lines and has successively imported 70 + machines from Taiwan, the United States, Japan and Germany, Advanced internal processing equipment, Competitive prices within the industry, 1-to 1 collaboration (documentary service) and active DFM (manufacturing-oriented design), Highly complex processing capacity, Industry-leading turnaround time.


Why CNC instead of 3D printing?

"When using various raw materials to design parts, 3D technology cannot be used for printing. The reason is that 3D printing technology does not have a reliable and affordable printing formula. However, through CNC machining, you can easily design any type of plastic according to customer's specifications.
Special materials for 3D printing are usually more expensive, and the manufacturing cost is priced according to the amount of material, which means that larger parts or more parts are more expensive, while CNC machining is a more convenient and cost-saving process.
The process of 3D printing will leave traces of layering on the parts, which may be difficult to remove. This is not suitable when creating parts that require a high-quality surface finish. We use CNC machining technology to ensure that the parts have a high-quality surface and can be used at any time.
Plastic CNC machining can provide higher dimensional accuracy, and the 5-axis CNC machining center can perform high-precision machining of more complex parts to help you meet the most difficult manufacturing challenges."


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Our team of experienced manufacturing experts, mechanics and engineers provide high-quality CNC parts within your deadliQne. Whether you are looking for disposable hand boards or small batch production, we will cooperate with you to make your design a reality.

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