Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions

By accessing and using this website, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this document. This document of GEEKEE includes the entire terms and conditions.

2. Products and services provided

2.1 Although the buyer provides 3D CAD models and 2D drawing files of the project, GEEKEE has the right to follow 3D CAD in production and processing. 2D drawings are only used for tolerance requirements and special annotations.

2.2 GEEKEE processes parts or products according to 3D CAD models, materials and post-processing requirements provided by the buyer. The buyer is fully responsible for the correctness of the data files provided. GEEKEE has the right not to be responsiblae for the assembly and design functions of the product.

After the 2.3 project is completed, GEEKEE usually keeps the product for 3 months.

3. Price and payment

3.1 quotation includes current labor, material and overhead costs, excluding logistics costs. For the project, the payment terms will be a deposit of 70% in advance. We will not deliver the goods until we confirm that the goods are ready before delivery and receive the balance of the remaining 30%.

3.2 all quotations are valid for 3 months. After 3 months, if various costs change, GEEKEE has the right to re-evaluate and update the price to the buyer.

3.3, please note that all documents issued by our company (including quotations and invoices) have the same bank information. We will not change our bank account information casually. If we do this in the future, we will mail the stamped official bank account information to you by express and telephone and e-mail notification. If you receive any fraudulent emails about changing our bank information, please contact us in person before arranging payment.

4. Shipment and delivery

4.1 goods are usually underwritten by major courier companies. The express company is responsible for the collection and transportation safety of express delivery.

4.2 Order Time: After receiving PO, the first day will start from the next working day and the delivery date will be confirmed.

4.3 working days are subject to Beijing time, and holidays are subject to Chinese standards.

4.4 delivery time is defined as the number of days required to produce parts, excluding delivery time.

4.5 expedited availability depends on the production load at the time of ordering. If you request delivery before the delivery date provided, please contact your sales representative to discuss the specific delivery date.

4.6 any specified delivery time and delivery time represent the supplier's expected or typical delivery time, the actual delivery time may vary depending on the production load at the time of ordering. Part of the goods or bulk delivery may be delivered to the buyer, subject to availability.

5. Property rights

This website and its original content, features and functions are owned by GEEKEE.