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Technical Advantage

Master the core technology in the field of precision casting.

The research and development ability of independent intellectual property rights, master the casting process of various materials, provide effective technical support for customers in the preliminary design stage, and meet the needs of customers.

According to ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS and other international material standards and tolerance standards to carry out production and testing, manufacturing products that meet customer requirements.

Self-made ability of assembly and automation equipment.

What is a hand board?

Ensuring manufacturability design with engineering hand boards.

As product development enters the subsequent phase, it becomes more and more important to implement product verification test procedures that provide test and analysis results. Before any testing, the first step is to build an engineering hand board, which is actually a series of components that can represent the end-use product by combining engineering and design. These powerful and highly accurate trial production prototypes are usually manufactured using rapid prototyping, which can be rigorously tested and evaluated to effectively verify design, engineering and manufacturability.

Why should verification and testing be carried out

The focus of engineering handboards is to optimize mass production.

In the product development process, when design and engineering meet, engineering crafting and testing help to identify problems, identify improvements and iterate before investing in expensive tools and putting them into production, making future production processes as smooth and reliable as possible. Through a series of verification testing processes, it is possible to verify whether the design meets the expected product specifications and performance, including basic functional testing, manufacturing process, performance parameter measurement and certification standard verification. The purpose is to verify that the design has been correctly implemented in production.

Professional quality inspection room

● Scientific detection and analysis methods

● Professional engineering and technical personnel

● Sophisticated instruments and equipment

● It has a variety of testing equipment and quality inspection rooms for precision dimensional inspection, ● chemistry, physics, metrology, mechanics, etc.

● Special Data Report Record Book

Frontline Staff

GEEKEE's team is an experienced combat team with innovative research spirit and scientific research ability.

GEEKEE has introduced and cultivated high-level innovative talents, adjusted the talent structure, and formulated a series of incentive mechanisms to make scientific and technological personnel fully aware of their own value, maximize their talents, and contribute to the development of the enterprise.

The international common workshop 5S standard is adopted to strictly implement various production technical indexes, and the workshop is highly unified and clean.

about us

Our team of experienced manufacturing experts, mechanics and engineers provide high-quality CNC parts within your deadline. Whether you are looking for disposable hand boards or small batch production, we will cooperate with you to make your design a reality.

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