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LED lighting is widely used. GEEKEE can provide customers with complex and durable parts, improve the quality of parts, and reduce the weight and cost of parts. The products are mainly used in outdoor lamps, floor lamps, crystal lampholders and other LED lighting.
Quality assurance
We have strict control over the quality of products. We have ISO9001:2008 system certification. We have two production plants in Shenzhen/Chengdu, more than 60 high-performance and high-precision CNC machining centers, skilled operators, professional programming engineers and strict quality inspection team. The factory has a special three coordinate measuring instrument to meet almost all production needs, including productivity, accuracy Multi function and workshop field capability, etc., to ensure that the quality of each product meets the requirements.

One stop solution

Every manufacturing department we operate ensures that it is set up in one factory. The improvement of production speed, communication convenience and product information security means that your works can be produced more quickly, efficiently and safely in a factory. GEEEKEE precision manufacturing is not only a part manufacturer, but also can provide one-stop services such as scheme design, product research and development, part production and quality inspection.
1. Internal production from design to delivery. Your creativity will only be kept locally, and we can ensure that the information in it will not be leaked.
2. The specialized department of each manufacturing process ensures the quality and speed of each stage of production. Quality control is carried out at each stage and in each department.
3. Our team provides many to one services. From the beginning of the inquiry communication, clear communication will be carried out to ensure that the design or details will not be lost in the translation. We will have special re check and verification services.
4. Precise machinery, high-end software and first-class manufacturing technology are our business cards. We have dozens of engineers with more than 8 years of experience, and we can quickly and easily achieve amazing accurate and complex design.
GEEKEE provides global customers with manufacturing and finishing services, and always applies its services to high-end technology industries, including aerospace, medical equipment, automobile industry, machinery production, etc. We are committed to keeping abreast of development and manufacturing trends so that we can provide the perfect fit.


Another major advantage of precision manufacturing services is compliance. Many industries are subject to stringent regulatory requirements, and precision manufacturing services can help manufacturers comply with these regulations by ensuring their products meet the required standards. This is especially important in industries such as medical and automotive, where safety is a major concern.

Precision manufacturing services are an essential part of modern manufacturing. They help manufacturers improve their production processes, which in turn help create high-quality, consistent products to precise specifications. Benefits of precision manufacturing services include improved product quality, reduced production costs, and compliance. By using these services, manufacturers can improve their bottom line and ensure their business remains competitive in the global marketplace.

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Our team of experienced manufacturing experts, mechanics and engineers provide high-quality CNC parts within your deadliQne. Whether you are looking for disposable hand boards or small batch production, we will cooperate with you to make your design a reality.

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